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The distinctive look of the PAL-V is the result of an uncompromising design approach that integrates both aerodynamic and stylistic requirements.


PAL –V (Personal Air Land – Vehicle)

Exceeds US, Europe and International Safety Standards for flying and vehicle driving.

All you need is a driving license. Gyroplane Flying is very safe and easy to learn.

In flying mode the PAL-V is identical to a gyrocopter. The rotor on top creates a lift for level flight. The difference between a helicopter is that in a gyrocopter a separate propeller at the back creates the thrust for forward movement.

The top rotor is not powered by the engine but is actually auto (self) –rotating due to the headwind. The technology has been proven to be a very safe way of flying. Even if the engine stops, the vehicle can land safely because the top rotor functions like a parachute. You can turn off the engine and it will descend slowly until it touches ground.

PAL-V requires minimum horizontal air-speed for take-off as well as maintaining altitude.

A minimum speed of 50km/h is sufficient for take-off and the minimum length of the air-strip can be as short as 165m. The landing distance is even much shorter.

Flying a PAL-V is very easy. It takes only 30 hours of training to qualify for the required private pilot license to fly a Gyroscope.

PAL-V is the ultimate freedom of driving a flying car. PAL-V goes wherever and whenever you want to.

You can avoid traffic jams and fly over mountain ranges like an eagle. Land at the other side and drive to your next destination.

PAL-V is a two seat driving car and a gyroplane. It adopts a slim aerodynamic three wheeled vehicle with the agility of the motorcycle, thanks to its patented tilting system. It drives like a sports car.

With a 230 horse power engine, it can travel at speeds exceeding 180km/hr both on land and in the air.

PAL-V can be employed for personal use, surveillance, flying ambulance, military and search and rescue.

It costs less than a fraction of a helicopter.


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